Expensive sadness

oricati ani ar fi sa treaca , ajungem tot mai mult ...
noi insine .

i'm bored of cheep and cheerful
i want expensive sadness

Will be releasing this, along with the ‘Hunt and Gather’ prints on the 18th April via the Mostlywanted shop.


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Anne Marthe Widvey (Norway based) The Unclean Spirits, 2014

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A situation where there is little or no order or control. No definition, no audio pronunciation. No “more info” section. Angels with dirty faces. 

For you I’ll suffer much pain, sharp glass, migraine… I think instinct.  The illness one has to see everything beautiful without judgement. 

A sign.  

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To use your head, you have to go out of your mind…

Timothy Leary

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Ayami Kojima

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